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KCB Jump 105.3 FM Pittsburgh Playlist- June 9, 2021

June 9th, 2021

LISA LANDIS~ In case you haven’t heard, The Kids Cookie Break Theme Party can now be heard every Wednesday night 7-8pm on Jump 105.3 FM Pittsburgh, or online at jump1053.com. Tonight, Wednesday, June 9th at 7pm it’s Episode #4 Cookie Songs. Here is tonight’s playlist:

Let’s Bake Cookies-  Maggie G.

“C” is for Cookie-  Cookie Monster

Captain Kooky’s Amazing Cookie Company-  Phredd

Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar-  Susie Tallman and Friends

Mr. Cookie-  The Jellydots

Big Ol Batch of Cookies-  Steven Courtney and the Suitcase Musicians

Homemade Cookie-  Noel Paul Stookey

Cookie Bakers of the Night-  The Laurie Berkner Band

12 Daze of Cookies- Lisa Landis & The Kids Cookie Breakers

Animal Crackers-  Wee Hairy Beasties

The Gingerbread Girl-  Jim Rule

I’ll Share My Spinach With You (If You’ll Share Your Cookie With Me)-  Brent Holmes

Let’s Make Cookies-  Ashley Mills Monaghan

One Little Cookie-  Justin Roberts

What’s Cooking in the Kitchen-  The Irish Rovers

Cookies & Milk-  Frances England

Christmas with The Cookies-  Eddie Daniels

Silver Bowls Live from the KCB Studio-  Bruce Fite

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