Songs Played on 05-28-2022

Time Played Song Title Artist Album
10:20 Bread and Cereal Bruce Fite Dont Put Your Cat in the Washing Machine
10:18 Animal Crackers Wee Hairy Beasties Putumayo Kids Presents (Animal Playground)
10:15 My Potatoes Steven Courtney Sun Hill Market
10:12 Muffin Man Bigsby The Bigsby Show
10:08 Bananaphone Putumayo Kids Sing Along with Putumayo
10:06 Ice Cream Chip Richter Lost In Lakeside
10:02 Old Testament (a.k.a. the ice cream song) Phil Joel deliberateKids.2
10:00 Ice Cream Phredd Ukulele Awesomesauce
09:56 MUSHROOMS Bruce Fite Science Songs by Bruce Fite
09:54 Shoo Fly Pie Putumayo Kids Putumayo Kids Presents (Picnic Playground)
09:49 His Cheeseburger VeggieTales A Queen, A King, And A Very Blue Berry
09:46 Eat Your Vegetables Josh Lovelace Young Folk
09:43 All The Wondrous Pies Uncle Stonehill Kids Cookie Break 2 CD
09:41 Fish And Chips Phredd Ukulele One Man Band
09:39 Vegetables Terry Scott Taylor Making God Smile
09:36 Eat Like A Rainbow Putumayo Kids Putumayo Kids Presents (Picnic Playground)
09:32 Mac And Cheese [From "Beauty And The Beet" Soundtrack] VeggieTales Beauty And The Beet: The Soundtrack
09:31 The Uninvited Parade The Uninvited Loud Precision Band Blue Moo
09:28 I Dont Want to Live on the Moon Matt Wheeler
09:24 Ridin My Bike Chip Richter Kids Cookie Break 4 CD
09:22 Happy Birthday To You Little Praise Party & Yancy Happy Day Everyday
09:18 Fruit Of The Spirit Uncle Charlie Superhero
09:15 Cheese On Your Macaroni Bruce Fite When You Smile
09:13 Fruit Cake Bay Steven Courtney
09:11 Good Fruit Featuring Katy Bowser Rain For Roots The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This
09:07 Airplane Of Food Justin Roberts Way Out
09:05 Food Slugs & Bugs Under Where?
09:02 Good Morning Phil Joel deliberateKids