Songs Played on 03-18-2023

Time Played Song Title Artist Album
11:58 Mexican Rhapsody Slugs & Bugs Under Where?
11:55 Nine Planets Justin Roberts Gather Round: Songs For Kids And Other Folks
11:51 Yellow Bus Justin Roberts Yellow Bus
11:49 Bubble Rap VeggieTales
11:46 Backseat Driver (feat. Hollyn & Tru) TobyMac This Is Not A Test
11:43 Jesus Loves Me Slugs & Bugs A Slugs And Bugs Christmas
11:40 Catapultanaugahikawallawallarickitikianapoodloodlakastanvilletown Slugs & Bugs Modern Kid
11:36 Man Gave Names To All The Animals (feat. Go Fish) Denver & The Mile High Orchestra
11:30 They Call Her Moses Damien Drago Slave No More
11:27 We Are the Dinosaurs (Dance Remix) The Laurie Berkner Band Superhero
11:22 Billy Joe McGuffrey VeggieTales Jonah-Original Movie Soundtrack
11:21 Painting A Rainbow Kelly Good Love In Motion
11:16 Tractor Tractor Slugs & Bugs Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies
11:12 Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise Two Of A Kind So Many Ways To Be Smart
11:09 Rock Monster VeggieTales The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything – A VeggieTales Movie
11:07 Choo Choo Phredd Ukulele Bundle of Joy
11:04 Germs Dottie Rambo Down By The Creek Bank – 25th Anniversary Edition
11:02 Ping Pong Song Slugs & Bugs Modern Kid
10:57 I Saw Three Ships Seasons Kids Cookie Break Christmas
10:52 Ridin My Bike Chip Richter Kids Cookie Break 4 CD
10:49 Because I Said So Jim Rule Kids Cookie Break 4 CD
10:41 Mexican Rhapsody Slugs & Bugs Under Where?
10:38 Bonjour, Bonjour Putumayo Kids Putumayo (French Playground)
10:28 Learn The Language Jim Rule Let It Shine!
10:22 Las Abejas_The Bees Mister G Mundo Verde
10:18 The Dance Of The Cucumber VeggieTales VeggieTunes 2
09:58 Count To Ten Jim Rule Kids Cookie Break 3
09:56 The B-I-B-L-E VeggieTales 25 Favorite Sunday School Songs!
09:53 Mom Counts 123 Bruce Fite
09:51 Mister Snail Uncle Stonehill Uncle Stonehills Hat
09:48 Afraid of the Dark (Feat. Katy Bowser Hutson) Rain For Roots All Creatures
09:46 Monkey Big Block Singsong Greatest Hits
09:43 Yellow Bus Justin Roberts Yellow Bus
09:40 Baa! Were Lambs! Apologetix Grace Period
09:38 Hello Spring Steven Courtney Sunflower Road
09:35 Whos Got the Ball Slugs & Bugs Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies
09:32 I've Got the Joy Joy Joy (feat. Jonny Macintosh) Listener Kids Let It Shine (EP)
09:31 Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar? Susie Tallman and Friends Childrens Songs A Collection of Childhood Favorites
09:29 Lets Bake Cookies Putumayo Kids Putumayo Kids Presents (Picnic Playground)
09:25 12 Daze of Cookies Lisa Landis and the Cookie Breakers Kids Cookie Break Christmas
09:23 Happy Birthday To You Little Praise Party & Yancy Happy Day Everyday
09:19 They Will See God (Matthew 5-8) Matthew West Seeds Of Faith
09:17 0 Where Is My Hairbrush Phredd Ukulele Bundle of Joy
09:15 My Hair Had A Party Last Night Trout Fishing In America Family Music Party
09:14 ABRAMS GREEN ACRES TV Bible Tunes Righteous Pop Music Vol. 2
09:10 What's Cooking in the Kitchen The Irish Rovers Songs for the Wee Folk
09:07 Super Green Turtle Machine (feat. Steven Courtney, Phredd) Jesse Rothacker of Forgotten Friend Reptiles Kids Cookie Break 4 CD
09:03 Jambo Bwana Them Mushrooms Putumayo Kids Presents (African PlayGround)
09:00 Good Morning Phil Joel deliberateKids