Songs Played on 09-16-2023

Time Played Song Title Artist Album
11:58 Happy Feet Jim Henson The Muppet Show: Music, Mayhem and More! The 25th Anniversary Collection
11:55 Muffin Man Bigsby The Bigsby Show
11:51 The Yodeling Veterinarian Of The Alps VeggieTales A Queen, A King, And A Very Blue Berry
11:48 I Dont Want to Live on the Moon Matt Wheeler
11:46 Dont Put Your Cat In The Washing Machine Bruce Fite
11:43 My Mom Is A Pirate Phredd Everlasting Popcorn
11:41 Nine Bowls of Soup They Might Be Giants Here Come the 123s
11:37 Super Green Turtle Machine (feat. Steven Courtney, Phredd) Jesse Rothacker of Forgotten Friend Reptiles Kids Cookie Break 4 CD
11:37 JESSE reptiles a chance DROP
11:34 If Coffee Smells So Good, Why Does It Taste So Bad Phredd Phredderiffic.
11:31 Under Where? Slugs & Bugs Kids Cookie Break 4 CD
11:29 Bears Slugs & Bugs Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies
11:26 Beetle Bug Skankin Buvas Kids Cookie Break
11:23 Cereal King Kimberliana Kids Cookie Break 4 CD
11:16 Billy Joe McGuffrey VeggieTales Jonah-Original Movie Soundtrack
11:11 Tractor Tractor Slugs & Bugs Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies
11:08 Jedi Fighter Brent Weber Looking At The Dinosaur
11:06 That John Deer Bruce Fite
11:02 Summertime Pure NRG Pure NRG
10:59 BFF Pure NRG Here We Go Again
10:55 Fire Drill Justin Roberts Jungle Gym
10:52 Modern Major General VeggieTales Pirates Boat Load Of Fun Sing-Alongs
10:48 Things Above Jared Erb Things Above
10:44 The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything VeggieTales VeggieTunes 2
10:41 Merry Pirate Christmas Phredd Kids Cookie Break Christmas
10:36 What We Gonna Do? (feat. TobyMac) VeggieTales The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything – A VeggieTales Movie
10:34 Captain Jack O Lanter The Pumpkin Pirate Phredd Ukulele One Man Band
10:30 Steven the Pirate Steven Courtney Strummin Sunshine LIVE
10:26 The Porpoises And The Pirate Ship Brent Holmes Sea Tunes For Kids
10:23 4 Monkey Pirates Phredd Phreddtastic
10:20 Jolly Joes VeggieTales The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything – A VeggieTales Movie
10:17 Four Pirates Went Sailing Steven Courtney 25 Cent Songs
10:13 Stormy Winds Uncle Stonehill Uncle Stonehills Hat
10:13 Uncle Stonehill KCB liner
10:10 The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything Relient K Jonah-Original Movie Soundtrack
10:07 Yo Ho Hero (feat. Steve Taylor) VeggieTales The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything – A VeggieTales Movie
10:05 Pepe The Pepper Poppin Pirate Phredd Ukulele Bundle of Joy
09:59 My Mom Is A Pirate Phredd Everlasting Popcorn
09:56 Wont You Be My Neighbor? Joy Ike Won't You Be My Neighbor? (Single)
09:51 Dancing With the Dinosaur Steven Curtis Chapman Heaven in the Real World
09:48 Larry Boy Supa Dupa Dance Mix VeggieTales
09:45 Bob the Snowman (Christmas Version) Phredd Bob the Snowman Christmas Single
09:39 The B-O-Y-Z Dance (feat. Kirk Franklin) VeggieTales Boyz In The Sink – Live From Paducah
09:36 Josies Barn Dance Steven Courtney Band Mommas Homemade Soup
09:33 Get Up And Dance (Live) Hillsong Kids Jesus Is My Superhero
09:31 The Crazy Dance Go Fish Party Like A Preschooler
09:28 Lets Dance Chip Richter The Dream Tree
09:25 Mexican Rhapsody Slugs & Bugs Under Where?
09:23 Happy Birthday To You Little Praise Party & Yancy Happy Day Everyday
09:18 1 Thess 5 vs15 Hasta La Vista Colin Buchanan Jesus Rocks The World Disc 1
09:15 Noah Bigsby
09:13 Animal Crackers Wee Hairy Beasties Putumayo Kids Presents (Animal Playground)
09:11 Working All Day Steven Courtney I Am A Robot
09:10 Messy Bessy Josh Lovelace Josh Lovelace and Friends Present-Young Folk
09:08 I Wanna Help Slugs & Bugs Under Where?
09:02 Will You Be My Friend (the Dance Party) Steven Courtney and the Suitcase Musicians LIVE and in Concert