Songs Played on 03-06-2021

Time Played Song Title Artist Album
11:59 BFF Pure NRG Here We Go Again
11:56 Twenty Eight Scoops Of Ice Cream Brent Holmes Cow Tunes For Kids
11:54 Oh, No! What We Gonna Do? VeggieTales VeggieTunes
11:51 Jedi Fighter Brent Weber Looking At The Dinosaur
11:48 Under Where? Slugs & Bugs Kids Cookie Break 4 CD
11:45 My Mom Is A Pirate Phredd Everlasting Popcorn
11:42 Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise Two Of A Kind So Many Ways To Be Smart
11:37 The Gingerbread Girl Jim Rule Kids Cookie Break 2 CD
11:33 Backseat Driver (feat. Hollyn & Tru) TobyMac This Is Not A Test
11:29 God Is Bigger VeggieTales VeggieTunes
11:24 Tractor Tractor Slugs & Bugs Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies
11:21 Catapultanaugahikawallawallarickitikianapoodloodlakastanvilletown Slugs & Bugs Modern Kid
11:18 Fruit Of The Spirit Uncle Charlie Superhero
11:16 Keep Walking VeggieTales VeggieTunes 2
11:15 We Are The Grapes Of Wrath VeggieTales VeggieTunes
11:13 Detective Joe Steven Courtney Kids Cookie Break CD
11:10 Dont Put Your Cat In The Washing Machine Bruce Fite
11:07 Super Green Turtle Machine (feat. Steven Courtney, Phredd) Jesse Rothacker of Forgotten Friend Reptiles Kids Cookie Break 4 CD
11:01 Germs Dottie Rambo Down By The Creek Bank – 25th Anniversary Edition
10:58 Old Testament Song Slugs & Bugs Slugs and Bugs Sing the Bible
10:54 Endangered Love (Barbara Manatee) VeggieTales A Queen, A King, And A Very Blue Berry
10:53 Monkey Big Block Singsong Greatest Hits
10:46 Turkish Delight David Crowder Band Music Inspired By The Chronicles Of Narnia
10:40 Nancy Drew Relient K Relient K
10:35 The B-I-B-L-E Go Fish Splash
10:32 My Baby Elf VeggieTales Lord Of The Beans Radio Disc
10:25 Lets Be Kind Bruce Fite Milton the Christmas Moose Book
10:24 Talk Break
10:23 The Cows Go Moo Jim Petipas The Cows Go Moo Book
10:20 A Big Book About Ice Cream Brent Holmes Cow Tunes For Kids
10:15 I Dig Reading Two Of A Kind Were All In This Together
10:14 Book Round Two Of A Kind So Many Ways To Be Smart
10:12 The Marshmallow Song Big Idea Bob and Larrys Campfire Songs
10:06 Everything is Free at the Library Two Of A Kind So Many Ways To Be Smart
10:00 Library Book Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights Brooklyn Baby!
09:58 Tiger Slugs & Bugs Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies
09:56 That John Deer Bruce Fite
09:53 Bananaphone Putumayo Kids Sing Along with Putumayo
09:48 Dont Worry Be Happy VeggieTales Bob and Larry Sing the 80s
09:45 The Lion Sleeps Tonight VeggieTales Bob And Larry Sing The 70s
09:42 My Ukulele Phredd Everybody Get Happy!
09:39 Blue Guitar Steven Courtney Band Monkey Business As Usual
09:36 Musicial Zoo Steven Courtney Sunflower Road
09:33 Nine Planets Justin Roberts Gather Round: Songs For Kids And Other Folks
09:25 They Call Her Moses Damien Drago Slave No More
09:24 Painting A Rainbow Kelly Good Love In Motion
09:22 Happy Birthday To You Little Praise Party & Yancy Happy Day Everyday
09:20 New Testament Song Slugs & Bugs Slugs and Bugs Sing the Bible
09:16 Cereal King Kimberliana Kids Cookie Break 4 CD
09:12 Breakfast Newsboys Take Me to Your Leader
09:10 Bread and Cereal Bruce Fite Dont Put Your Cat in the Washing Machine
09:06 Happy Tooth Day Song VeggieTales
09:02 Good Morning Sunshine Steven Courtney