KCB Jump 105.3 FM Pittsburgh Playlist-May 25  – Far Out Food Songs

LISA LANDIS~ The Kids Cookie Break Theme Party airs every Wednesday night 7-8pm on Jump 105.3 FM Pittsburgh, or online at jump1053.com. Or, ask Alexa, “to enable Jump one oh five three” then ask Alexa, “to play Jump one oh five three”. This week, Wednesday, May 25, at 7pm Episode #48, Far Out Food Songs!

Eat Like a Rainbow- Putumayo Kids

Eat Your Vegetables- Josh Lovelace

Vegetables – Terry Scott Taylor

Beanies & Franks- Uncle Stonehill

His Cheeseburger- Tait

Twenty Eight Scoops of Ice Cream- Brent Holmes

Mac and Cheese- Veggie Tales

My Potatoes- Steven Courtney

Mexican Rhapsody- Slugs and Bugs

Food- Slugs and Bugs

Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise- Two of a Kind

Bananaphone- Putumayo Kids

Fish and Chips- Phredd

All the Wondrous Pies- Uncle Stonehill

Rhubarb Pie- Five Iron Frenzy

Shoo Fly Pie- Putumayo Kids

Pie Kinda Guy- VeggieTales

Mushrooms- Bruce Fite

Airplane of Food- Justin Roberts

Shortenin Bread- Music For Little People Chorus

Nine Bowl of Soup- They Might Be Giants

Kelp- Two of a Kind