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KCB Jump 105.3 FM Pittsburgh Playlist- May 26, 2021

May 27th, 2021

LISA LANDIS~ In case you haven’t heard, The Kids Cookie Break Theme Party can now be heard every Wednesday night 7-8pm on Jump 105.3 FM Pittsburgh, or online at jump1053.com. Tonight, Wednesday, May 26th at 7pm is Episode #2 Far Out Food Songs. Here is tonight’s playlist:

Eat Like a Rainbow- Putumayo Kids

Eat Your Vegetables- Josh Lovelace

Vegetables- Terry Scott Taylor

His Cheeseburger- Tait

Mac and Cheese- Veggie Tales

28 scoops of Ice Cream- Brent Holmes

My Potatoes- Steven Courtney

Mexican Rhapsody- Slugs and Bugs

Food- Slugs and Bugs

Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise- Two of a Kind

Bananaphone- Putumayo Kids

Fish and Chips- Phredd

Shoo Fly Pie- Putumayo Kids

Rhubarb Pie- Five Iron Frenzy

Mushrooms- Bruce Fite

Kelp- Two of a Kind

Airplane of Food- Justin Roberts

(and last song to celebrate 143Day in PA)

Wont You Be My Neighbor- Joy Ike

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