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KCB Jump 105.3 FM Pittsburgh Playlist-March 9- Nutrition Songs

March 9th, 2022

LISA LANDIS~ The Kids Cookie Break Theme Party can now be heard every Wednesday night 7-8pm on Jump 105.3 FM Pittsburgh, or online at jump1053.com. Or, ask Alexa, “to enable Jump one oh five three” then ask Alexa, “to play Jump one oh five three”. Tonight, Wednesday, March 9, at 7pm it’s Episode #39, Nutrition Songs to Celebrate National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day

Eat Like a Rainbow-  Putumayo Kids

Vegetables-  Terry Scott Taylor

League of Incredible Vegetables-  Newsboys w/VeggieTales

Eat Your Vegetables-  Josh Lovelace

Kelp-  Two of a Kind

Twelve Steps to Eating Your Veggies-  The Green Orbs

Dance of the Cucumber-  VeggieTales

Fruit Cake Bay-  Steven Courtney

Pass the Fruit-  Steven Courtney

Bananaphone-  Putumayo Kids

Fruitphabet-  Andrew & Polly

William Watermelon-  Phredd

Food-  Slugs & Bugs

On Top of Old Smokey-  VeggieTales

Baconhead-  Steven Courtney

Aint’ Nobody Here But Us Chickens-  Louis Jordan & hHs Tympany 5

The Cow and the Peanut-  Go Fish

Shortening Bread-  Music For Little People Chorus

Bread and Cereal-  Bruce Fite

Twenty Eight Scoops of Ice Cream-  Brent Holmes

If Coffee Smells So Good, Why Does it Taste So Bad- Phredd

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