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KCB Jump 105.3 FM Pittsburgh Playlist-Feb. 16- Bedtime Songs

February 14th, 2022

LISA LANDIS~ The Kids Cookie Break Theme Party can now be heard every Wednesday night 7-8pm on Jump 105.3 FM Pittsburgh, or online at jump1053.com. Or, ask Alexa, “to enable Jump one oh five three” then ask Alexa, “to play Jump one oh five three”. Tonight, Wednesday, February 16, at 7pm it’s Episode #37, Bedtime

Pajama Drama-  Slugs & Bugs

Jammies-  Bigsby

DJ in my PJ’s-  Miss Nina & The Jumping Jacks

A Bushel and a Peck-  VeggieTales

Goodnight Junior-  VeggieTales

Wee Willie Winkie-  Steven Courtney

Popcorn-  Phredd

Nightlight-  Justin Roberts

Afraid of the Dark-  Katy Bowser w/Rain for Roots

Don’t Wanna Go to Bed-  Senor Fancypants

The Lion sleeps Tonight-  VeggieTales

Cookie Bakers of the Night-  Laurie Berkner Band

Sleepoverland-  Justin Roberts

Blanket-  Josh Lovelace

Bag of Dreams-  Steven Courtney & the Suitcase Musicians

Dreaming in Color-  Jump 5

Tree House Dream-  Phredd

Goodnight-  Justin Roberts

Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep-  Amy Grant

My Baby Loves to Dance-  Slugs & Bugs

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