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KCB April 9, 2022

April 8th, 2022

LISA LANDIS~ Welcome back Kids Cookie Breakers! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the show. This weekend on KCB (Saturday, April 9), the 10 o’clock Theme Party celebrates National Zoo Lovers Day (April 8). Chances to win all morning long and you get to request your favorite KCB song starting at 10:45am. Make sure you request before 11:10am. We are often filled up by then!

Our very special guest this weekend is Krista Snyder, author of the children’s book Basil’s Blessings: My Special day with God. Click the link, or read below for more information and then listen starting at 10:05- 10:35am Saturday, April 9 for a chance to win and to learn more about the book.

Let’s meet by our radios at 9am!

Love & Cookies,

Lisa Landis


Basil’s Blessing’s features a little green inchworm who loves God with all of his heart. He praises God every day for his blessings and God rewards Basil with endless joy. One bright sunny day Basil decides to travel to his favorite golden field of dandelions and “dustbunnies”. His journey is filled with praises to God. On the way, Basil passes a few friendly ants and enjoys the delicious fruits of Strawberry Heaven. He even stops to admire God’s creation, a pond bathed in sunlight. When he arrives at the bright yellow patch of dandelions, his happiness is overwhelming. Suddenly, he is joined by BB, a baby bluebird who hovers over him and then lands near him in the spacious dandelion and dustbunny field. Basil prays to God to warm BB’s heart to become his friend instead of becoming a tasty meal. Will Basil and BB become friends? Will they share new adventures together? All the time Basil teaches BB about the wonder of a relationship with God. A delightful tale for children that shows Basil’s love for God and God’s love for Basil and how blessed we are when we make God part of our every day life.

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